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As a genealogy educator for Scottish genealogy research, I have put this website together to provide you with a place where you can learn about learning opportunities that are being offered.

This learning may be in the form of a live talk, a conference or a webinar.

However you choose to learn, I wish you the best as you gain greater insight into researching your Scottish ancestors. 

Learn some of the historical events that might have led  your ancestor to leave his homeland

Tracking Your Scots Emigrant Ancestor

Once you get beyond the basics of Births, Marriages, Deaths and Census records, you will want to know where to look next in your quest to learn more about your Scottish ancestors


Navigating the ScotlandsPeople Website

Preparing for a Genealogy Research Trip to Scotland

There is no greater feeling than walking where your ancestor walked. But to be successful on your journey, you need to be prepared ahead of time

Do You Have Scottish Ancestry?

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learning opportunities 


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Welcome to the Scottish Institute

This is a critical piece for any doing Scottish genealogy research. This lesson will walk you through the websites and increase your comfort level in using this website for research

This provides you with an in-depth look at getting started in Scottish Genealogy research. 

In Search of Your Scottish Ancestors

Lesser Known Databases for Scottish Genealogy Research